Just a quick update about the cleanse I did last week. I spent Friday afternoon feeling a little nutty about food (mostly imagining what I would eat on Saturday!) but great overall. On Saturday I woke up feeling full of energy and generally just awesome.

I ate nothing but fruit, veggies and nuts all weekend, and it was fabulous. After drinking juice for a week I really appreciated all the excellent flavours, not to mention chewing. I ate organic stone fruit and berry salads, giant salads with Japanese dressing, baked sweet potato with tahini and green veggies, massaged kale salad… yum. I had a super productive weekend, cleaned the whole house, and got a lot of writing done. Coincidence? I think not!

During the cleanse it was interesting to take a step back and think about how and what I eat. A few things I noticed:

  • Every morning that when I woke up I felt like a big glass of water. Usually when I wake up I start planning how to get coffee into me, and I feel like I might have broken that dependency/habit.
  • I can’t stomach breakfast first thing when I wake up, but green juice goes down well.
  • I tend to want to eat more in the evening, and forget to eat during the day when I’m busy. I was drinking three juices by 4pm then have a further three to drink before I went to bed (!!), but in the last few days I forced myself to stick to a schedule and drink more evenly across the day. And I felt more energetic for it!
  • Sometimes I think I mistake thirst for hunger. Once I started drinking the requisite two litres of water a day I never felt hungry again.

Of course, what happens after the detox is the most important thing. I said last week that my eating habits had gotten pretty bad/lazy, and I want this to be the turning point where I start eating well and looking after myself again.

If you’re interested in doing a cleanse, I do recommend Schkinny Maninny (still). They deliver juices to your door every day, it’s not a starvation thing (you get 1700 calories), and it’s all-natural, ie. you don’t have to take any weird supplements or powders. Importantly, it’s pretty yum – I didn’t like the evening soups (but I do like the lentil lunch one), and the green morning juice feels a bit intense the first day, but the rest is tasty. The downside is, of course, that it’s kind of expensive.

(If you’re interested, the 15% off discount code that Schkinny Maninny gave me to pass on still seems valid – Olivia Gao used it recently – so hit me up if you want to try it!)

I’d be interested to hear your experiences of doing detoxes or cleanses!

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